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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: ASF Android release policy
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2016 09:30:41 GMT
On 13/09/2016 09:49, Ian Dunlop wrote:
> Hello,
> In the Taverna Incubator project we have been developing an Android mobile
> app which is almost ready for a first release. Are there any ASF procedures
> and policies for doing an Android release? Can an ASF based Android app be
> released into the Google play store (or others)?

The usual release policy applies. Making a convenience binary available
in an App store is not dissimilar to making JAR files available via
Maven Central.

The ASF has already set up the appropriate accounts to do this for the
Apple app store. A quick look around Google's site suggests a similar
process will be required.

The best way forward would be to create an Infra ticket to:
- create an ASF account with Google (managed by infra)
- add named release managers to that account so they can release apps
  on behalf of the PMC

ASF Legal will need to review the Ts&Cs associated with the account. I'd
expect infra to ask for review as required.

One immediate question is do we want this as an ASF wide account or per
PMC? At $25 per account, one per PMC isn't outrageous but my own infra
experience says that it would be better to start with a single ASF
account managed by infra. We can always create additional PMC acocunts
later if necessary.

Finally, Infra does also provide access to a code signing service you
can use to sign you apps if that is useful. Probably only if you want to
distribute apps outside of Google play.


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