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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache NetBeans Incubator Proposal
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2016 19:02:29 GMT
Le 24/09/16 à 15:18, Geertjan Wielenga a écrit :
> On Sat, Sep 24, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Shane Curcuru wrote:
>> Correct.  The whole point of Incubation at Apache is to show that the
>> community can learn to self-govern by following Apache processes - and a
>> key point of self-governance is responsibly adding new committers.
>> In my experience, it's far better to just start incubation at this point
>> rather than worrying about getting the *initial* list perfect.
> The perspective on this point are clearly extremely divided when I read
> through this thread. 
Welcome to The ASF ;-)

> Some from Apache consider the initial committers list
> extremely important and that that list should be extremely complete. (And
> there's even a suggestion that people might fork NetBeans if they're not on
> the initial committers list which, to me, sounds really odd.) 

I would suggest you listen to mentors and your champion at this point ;-)

Regardless, here is what is important :

" There are no ASF wide rules on how to decide when to make someone a
committer, podlings need to agree an approach that works for them. Some
ASF projects have a high bar requiring significant contributions before
someone is considered, other projects grant it more freely to anyone who
shows interest in contributing. Some projects use formal [DISCUSS] and
[VOTE] threads on the private mailing list, others use a more lazy
consensus approach.'

(, adding new committers).

I suggest you read this page.

> Others
> consider the initial committers list to be an indicator of the diversity of
> the individual contributors who will be involved in the project -- and
> that's the approach we've been following so far since the mentors for
> Apache NetBeans have told us that this is the approach to take.

And I do think this is the right approach. But sme may have a slightly
or totally different vision. We are diverse ;-)
> However, I will work more on the initial contributors list, regardless of
> the confusion about it. I do think it will be good to have (1) as complete
> a list as possible and (2) clear motivation about why people are on that
> list, i.e., what they have done to get on that list in the first place.


> My aim is, in order to bring this part of the discussion to an end, to take
> the strictest approach from all the different approaches apparent in this
> discussion and make the list as complete and comprehensive as possible and
> provide motivation for each person in the list. 
I really do think that providing motiviation for each of the comitter is
a bit over the top. The IPMC role is not to validate this list, it's
really to check that the project is moving forward in the right
direction. When Netbeans will be a TLP, the project's PMC will be
responsible for selecting whoever they want to become committer, nobody
else than the PMC will be selecting them. The PPMC being a PMC in the
making, it's responsible to vote in new committers - and make them added
by an IPMC member -. It's then up to the PPMC to define the rules they
want to befollowed.

In other words, do what you think is the best for the future TLP that
nebeans will become :-)

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