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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache PredictionIO 0.10.0 (incubating) RC4
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:16:11 GMT

Sorry -1 binding as the release is likely to contain photographs we don’t have permission
to distribute. Happy to change my vote to +1 if it’s shown we do have permission to do so.

Most of the other issues are minor (for a first release) and could be fixed next release if
the above is not an issue.

I checked:
- signatures and hashes good
- name includes incubating
- LICENSE is missing a few bundled things please fix for next release
- in bin incorrectly has an ASF license header, it noted as BSD in LICENSE. Please
fix for next release.
- NOTICE is good
- there a few source files missing ASF headers e.g. [12][13]
- no unexpected binaries in source
- didn’t compile from source as the instructions here [17] have not been updated to refer
to the Apache release. Please update.

LICENSE is missing:
- MIT license JQuery [1][2]
- MIT license Sizzle.js bundled in [1][2]
- MIT license carousel [5]
- Dual licensed MIT/GPL jQuery Waypoints [6][7]
- MIT license Sidebars [8]
- MIT licensed normalize [9]

When adding these to LICENSE I suggest you use the short form just just point to (in most
cases) the already existing license file.

What is the licensing of this file? [4] It states "Copyright 2000-2004 Apple Computer Incorporated.”
is that right?

While not required you may also want to mention Apache licensed Tablet [3] in the LICENSE.

I notice an author tag in here [10] and this odd file [10]. Are they correct? Should these
be here?

What are the licenses with these photos? [14] As noted here [15] they are taken by [16] I
not sure we would have permission to distribute them. The metadata in the images also includes
the author details and his contact details.


1. ./docs/manual/bower_components/jcarousel/libs/jquery/jquery.js
2. ./docs/manual/bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.js
3. ./docs/manual/bower_components/Tabslet/LICENSE.txt
4. ./manual/source/images/logos/downloads/frog-light-background.eps
5. ./docs/manual/bower_components/jcarousel/LICENSE
6. ./docs/manual/bower_components/Tabslet/demo/javascripts/vendor/waypoints.min.js
7. ./docs/manual/bower_components/Tabslet/demo/javascripts/vendor/waypoints-sticky.min.js
8. /docs/manual/bower_components/Slidebars/license.txt
9. ./docs/manual/bower_components/normalize.css/
10 ./docs/manual/bower.json
11 ./docs/manual/source/humans.txt
12, ./docs/manual/source/javascripts/tryit.js
13.  ./docs/manual/source/javascripts/application.js
14. ./docs/manual/bower_components/jcarousel/examples/_shared/img/img*.jpg

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