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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Radical proposal: no initial list of committers
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 15:35:38 GMT
It is an interesting idea.  I thought that the initial committers list
provided the set of people who could define the merit to approve other new
committers.  The mentors may not be familiar enough with the technology
and people to make the decision with the "Flavor" the community wants.

The only sticking point I ran into in incubation was that folks felt the
need to be "fair" and require anybody not on the initial list to provide a
series of patches to show their commitment before voting them in.  I'd
rather have a "quick-add" for folks who have been past contributors.  Then
you could say the initial committers list should be 3 to 8 people, and
they could just add someone who shows up with something they want to
commit if that person is already in the commit history of the imported
code without having to make them submit a patch and wait 72 hours or more
for the vote.

My 2 cents,

On 9/27/16, 7:44 AM, "Gregory Chase" <> wrote:

>Having been through this with Apache Geode, I like the idea of paying
>homage to emeritus committers in the proposal and history of the
>technology.  If you start with a rule of providing committer privileges to
>those who have directly committed to the project in the last two or three
>years, and a liberal policy of granting new committer privileges as
>I think you should be ok.  Does an emeritus committer need commit
>privileges today? Only if they start committing again.
>And for those that want prestige - the prestige rests in being an active
>evangelist of the project. One does not ever need to be a committer to
>achieve prestige.
>On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 7:03 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny <>
>> Le 27/09/16 à 13:25, Greg Stein a écrit :
>> > The NetBeans proposal (among many others in the past) has
>>demonstrated a
>> > significant "problem" with trying to establish an appropriate list of
>> > initial committers. There are many people that want to be on, for
>> > reasons. Because they are committers, recent or historic. Or they want
>> the
>> > "prestige" to be there. Some people believe they "deserve" to be on
>> > list. etc etc
>> >
>> > Establishing the list is particularly difficult for large and old
>> > communities.
>> >
>> > But. What if we just said "no such list" ?
>> >
>> > This will shift the initial voting of committers upon the
>> Champion/Mentors
>> > who will construct the entirety of the PPMC. But hey: aren't they
>> supposed
>> > to be involved? Aren't they supposed to demonstrate how to earn merit,
>> and
>> > the committership that results?
>> >
>> > This would also solve the problem of initial committers that have not
>> > established any merit whatsoever. We've had many situations where
>> > simply add themselves to the list. Why? Cuz they chose to do so. It is
>> sort
>> > of silently allowed for IPMC members to add themselves. "I wanna
>> > BAM. It happens.
>> >
>> > So yeah. Radical thought: NO initial list. The PPMC is just the
>> +
>> > Mentors. They will build the committers and PPMC according to merit.
>> (note:
>> > this could be *very* fast for a particular few highly-engaged with
>> bringing
>> > the project to the ASF)
>> >
>> > ???
>> >
>> > Cheers,
>> > -g
>> >
>> Well, that's tempting...
>> OTOH there is no problem with having an initial list, even with people
>> who want to see their name on the web site for teh sake of their own ego
>> : it's easy to demote committer in the long run (moving them to an
>> emeritus status).
>> We have so many dormant committers in so many projects anyway !
>> My take is the initial list is just a curtesy made to the involved
>> people, and a few more. Nothing less, nothing more. The PPMC list, OTOH,
>> is critical.
>> My 2 cts.
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