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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Is the incubator full?
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2016 08:15:19 GMT

On 25/08/16 07:34, Sergio Fernández wrote:
>> > I think you may be seeing signs of self-throttling. Basically if the
>> > new proposal
>> > comes in and there's nobody interested in mentoring it -- well the project
>> > won't
>> > go in.
> Well, that just 1% of the work. Every body could easily volunteer for
> mentoring; most os the work at that phase is done by the champion. But what
> really requires time is actually mentoring the podling. My feeling is (I
> have no figures) that is most of our current podling we have just 1-2
> active mentors. That would be another way to look to that detail.

That agrees with my experience.

A commitment to mentoring for 2 or more years is substantial. My 
experience has been that mentors fade away for all the obvious reasons 
of volunteers+(lack of)time.  Signing up to mentor is the easy part and 
everyone is well-intentioned.

So is the incubator full?  No, but it needs to be careful about the 
nature of the set of mentors.


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