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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Fluo Parent POM 1-incubating (rc2)
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2016 05:02:19 GMT

On 8/1/16, 6:52 PM, "Christopher" <> wrote:

>> My recommendation is that be donated to the ASF and a new domain
>> name chosen for the non-ASF community backed site.
>We'll need to discuss this further, but I think our preferred option is
>going to be (in order of preference):
>1. Get approval from TM about continued use of the domain as an
>unaffiliated community site.
>2. Choose a new name for the podling project.
>3. Your recommendation above.

From the peanut gallery:

My understanding is that there are "strong" marks and "weak(er)" marks,
that, AIUI, is related to how much usage of the TM is already out there,
how many were actually approved, and to what degree un-approved mark usage
was pursued by the mark holder.

Flex, for example, is a "weaker" mark.  When Adobe donated the Flex TM to
Apache, there were dozens of domains with 'flex' in it both related to
Adobe Flex and other things like cars, delivery services, even other
software like lexers.  I'm pretty sure neither Apache nor Adobe went
around to all of the flex domains related to Apache Flex and made them get
permission to continue using their domain name, but Adobe did redirect to Apache (although I just noticed it isn't responding).  AIUI,
if we find out that someone is using,, or any other
flex.* domain, even if they are helping to promote Apache Flex, we are
supposed to ask them to use something else.  But I believe there is more
flexibility around using flex as part of the domain name.

So, IMO, I will be surprised if gets approved for non-ASF usage.
I think, though, that could redirect to a page on the podling site
that explains that why doesn't do what it used to do, and even
have a link to what was at but with a new domain name, maybe
fluo-tools or  AIUI, you can link to web sites that
aren't under ASF-friendly licensing as long as there are disclaimers on
your page.

HTH (but of course, I could be wrong),

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