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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Fluo Parent POM 1-incubating (rc2)
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2016 22:57:14 GMT

> The question of trademarks and groupIds has come up before (
> but in those circumstances, the conflict was much more direct (reuse of the
> "org.apache.*" groupId in maven artifacts). I would think that the
> "io.fluo" groupId would clearly indicate this is a separate organization,
> clearly distinct from Apache. If the simple reuse of the word "fluo" is
> enough to trigger a branding issue

It can be.

> , then I would imagine things like "maven-checkstyle-plugin" reusing the word "checkstyle"
while it depends on
> a 3rd party "checkstyle" artifact would be similarly concerning

No they are not as maven has a long history of working this way so it easily understood what’s
Apache and what isn’t. This is pointed out in on one of the trademark policy pages.

> Further, there's lots
> of third party websites which have ASF project names in their domain name,
> twitter handles, etc...

If there are that’s issue and they should be looked into, for domain names policy see [1].


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