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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Tamaya 0.2-incubating
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2016 00:49:40 GMT

+1 binding as long as the binary LICENSE/ NOTICE id looked ta and fixed for the next release.
The source release is fine.

I checked:
- incubating in name
- source LICENSE and NOTICE good
- binary LICENSE and NOTICE has issues
- no unexpected binary files
- all source files have Apache headers
- can compile from source

The binary LICENSE and NOTICE needs a little work [1], could you please fix this for the next
- LICENSE is missing MIT licensed Asciidoctor and CodeRay (used in docs)
- The final jar contains a number of 3rd party licensed software that is not mentioned in
LICENSE/NOTICE. This includes Dropwizard (Apache license with NOTICE file), Jackson Core,
Databind and Annotations (Apache), Gogole Common libs, Joda Time (Apache with NOTICE), Jackson
Afterburner (Apache?), slf4j (MIT), Logbock (EPL or GNU), Hibinate Validator (Apache), Glassfish
(CDDL), Sun Expression Language Reference Implementation (CDDL), snakeyaml (Apache), Apache
Commons, Jetty (Apache with NOTICE), Jersey (CDDL), H2K (CDDL), Javassist (MPL or GPL), Metrics
(Apache), argparse4j (MIT), Arquillian (Apache?), Shrink-wrap (Apache?), JBoss Modules (Apache),
JBoss logging (Apache).

Most of this is Apache licensed, but there a few NOTICE files that may effect your NOTICE
[3] and there a couple of MIT licensed file. The CDDL / MPL license software which need to
treated carefully. [4]

I may of missed a couple and you may want to double check the JBoss logging as at one point
it was GPL not Apache licensed.


2. ./modules/server/lib/tamaya-server-0.2-incubating.jar
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