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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [IP CLEARANCE] Apache Brooklyn - CLI
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 17:34:52 GMT

On 3/7/16, 6:05 AM, "Richard Downer" <> wrote:

>Alex, Justin, all,
>Thank you for your comments. With your comments in mind, I will make
>this statement for the record:
>Regarding the subject of the Software Grant Agreement, download link:
>SHA1: 5b5ef46c56adfff8ca86cca04694d5abc10ec447
>SHA256: 0cfaac11df7075c723bfb982ed5852d790fa195dcfe67c9bbbd545f34df71770
>The folder brooklyn-cli-b8b39e54ecbb7c12f4828783f07bec978a76b7be/br/Godeps
>is *excluded* from the code grant; this folder contains bundled
>dependencies licensed by 3rd parties using the MIT and BSD licenses.
>With this folder removed from the ZIP file using the command zip -d
>the hashes become:
>SHA1: 91fda2ca20c4b171985e1f5bb545ed8a236123dd
>SHA256: 4de28b308ad09f0e5642b4cefdd54b1c91b255fecd00184763a7d260bf8ec12d
>I am updating the IP Clearance record with this same statement.
>Is this sufficient notice for the record to address your comments?

I would hope it is sufficient, but I am not the person who can make the
call.  Other more senior folks may be able to make the call, but if you
want to be more sure, I would ask on legal-discuss if this is a sufficient
way to update an SGA.


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