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From "John D. Ament" <>
Subject Re: Update on Apache Toree and LGPL dependency
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2016 23:45:15 GMT
Sorry, misread the revision I was looking at.  The intent to move to MPL
was done on March 22 2014, 2 years ago this month, not December 2013.


On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 6:41 PM John D. Ament <> wrote:

> I have some reservations with what you're proposing, and would like you to
> consult w/ legal-discuss on this first.
> There's a difference between what Mynewt did and what you're proposing.
> Specifically, this was a transitive dependency that they relied upon
> indirectly, so its more of a call out for the library that was leveraging
> it.  They also intended to replace the library.
> In your case, you're directly tied to a presently LGPL'd library.  You
> have no intentions (from what I can see) of moving off of the library.
> I'm also doubting their long term goals of moving to MPL.  If you look at
> [1], you'll see that the page hasn't been updated since October 2014.  In
> addition, looking at the pages revision history (the beauty of wikis), the
> intent to move to MPL was published in December 2013, making the statement
> over 2 years old.
> I think while this might be OK for an initial incubator release, the
> project needs to weigh very heavily if it wants to continue to leverage
> ZeroMQ or not going forward.
> [1]:
> On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 5:06 PM Gino Bustelo <> wrote:
>> Wanted to give folks an update on our progress with dealing with JeroMQ,
>> an
>> LGPL package that enables us to communicate via 0MQ. The 0MQ community is
>> very aware of the issues with LGPL (LGPLv3 + static link exception) and it
>> is their intention to try to move projects to MPL v2. This is not an easy
>> task depending on the age and size of the projects.
>> Apache Toree's API access point is through the 0MQ transport layer (using
>> JeroMQ) and that is how Apache Toree connects out-of-the-box with Jupyter,
>> a very common way of consuming Apache Toree that is already in production.
>> At this point, the JeroMQ project is still released under LGPL, but our
>> team initiated communications in mid-February with members of the JeroMQ
>> community to begin their transition to MPL v2 (
>> The JeroMQ community
>> reacted
>> very positively and quickly began the process of collecting votes from
>> their committers ( After 15
>> days, the current tally stands at 26 out of 32 committers have agreed to
>> switch license.
>> Apache Toree has a JIRA (
>> where we keep all the relevant links and update with the latest
>> information. As that process is underway, we will move forward with plans
>> to release a 0.1.0 version of Apache Toree based on the precedence set by
>> Apache Mynewt (
>> ).
>> Thanks,
>> Gino

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