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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release taverna-language-0.15.1-incubating-RC5 and taverna-osgi-0.2.1-incubating-RC5
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2016 23:02:10 GMT

Sorry it -1 binding due to Category B software in a source release. [10]

I checked:
- artefacts contain incubating
- signature and hashes good
- LICENSE is good however it lists Category B software
- NOTICE is good
- There are a couple of binary files (under the test directory) do these need to be zipped?
- All source files have headers

There are some licensing issues:
- Several items [3][4][5][6] are licensed under W3C document license, this is not a category
A license and looks like they can only be included in binary release [2]. (i.e. Category B
but it's not listed) You may need to clarify this on legal discuss.
- Files [8][9][16][17][18][19][20] licensed under CC-BY-3 can only be included in a binary
release. [10]
- I assume CC-A [11][12] would also need to be handled the same way.
- It is unclear how [13] is licensed.
- Looks like [14][15] are not licensed under a Category A license. Again probably needs to
be discussed on legal discuss.

The LICENSE and NOTICE in ./taverna-tavlang-tool/src/main/resources/META-INF/ may need updating,
looks like the contents don’t match the top level license and year is incorrect.

- Please consider signed the artefacts with an apache email address.
- The [1] file contains a LICENSE which is missing the appendix


1. apache-taverna-language-0.15.1-incubating/taverna-robundle/src/test/resources/
3. ./taverna-scufl2-schemas/src/main/resources/org/apache/taverna/scufl2/rdfxml/xsd/xml.xsd
4. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/prov-aq.rdf
5. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/prov-o.rdf
6. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/prov-o.rdf
7. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/dcam.owl
8. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/dcam.owl
9. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/dcterms_od.owl
11. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/foaf.rdf
12. ./taverna-scufl2-wfdesc/src/main/resources/com/xmlns/foaf/foaf.rdf
13. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/xsd/xenc-schema.xsd
14. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/oa.rdf
15. ./taverna-robundle/src/main/resources/ontologies/ro.owl
16. ./taverna-scufl2-wfdesc/src/main/resources/org/purl/wf4ever/wfdesc/wfdesc.ttl
17. ./taverna-scufl2-wfdesc/src/main/resources/org/purl/wf4ever/wfdesc/wfprov.ttl
18. ./taverna-scufl2-wfdesc/src/main/resources/org/purl/wf4ever/wfdesc/roterms.ttl
19. ./taverna-scufl2-wfdesc/src/main/resources/org/purl/wf4ever/wfdesc/wf4ever.ttl
20 ./taverna-scufl2-schemas/src/main/resources/org/apache/taverna/scufl2/rdfxml/xsd/roevo.xsd

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