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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: New mentors for Taverna?
Date Sat, 06 Feb 2016 11:56:23 GMT
Hi all,

I'm one of the "semi-active mentors" of Taverna. In my case, I have a 
new $job, which is related to some Apache communities but not Taverna. 
A new job is a busy time so I'm really not able to properly support the 
podling at the moment.  I wish I could but I also have to be realistic.

Taverna is (I believe) in good shape. Having done an incubator release 
of part of the codebase, they understand and take the IP issues 
seriously.  They have added a person to the PPMC.  All-in-all, good 
progress towards graduation and getting more of the codebase out is the 
next step.

So - please could Taverna have some additional mentors?


On 01/02/16 14:36, Stian Soiland-Reyes wrote:
> The majority of the mentors of the Taverna podling have raised
> concerns that they no longer have sufficient time available to help
> Taverna in the incubator.
> In effect we will then have 2 semi-active mentors remaining for continuity.
> This has become a concern because Taverna is picking up speed and
> moving towards releases of the main code base (our first release was
> for a more self-contained library), and this means some effort is
> needed to review and guide us through those releases.
> We in the Taverna PPMC have already learnt a lot about the Apache Way,
> we have done our first release, we had 3 very successful GSOC
> students, and we have voted in our first new PPMC member.
> However knowing the effort needed to review a "new" code base for a
> release, we think it would not be fair on the remaining 2 mentors to
> take the full burden of responsibility.
> Therefore we would like to ask the Incubator PMC if anyone would be
> interested in becoming an active mentor of Taverna as we enter this
> exciting phase?
> About Taverna:
> Taverna is a domain-independent suite of tools used to design and
> execute data-driven workflows, which invoke a mixture of local and
> remote (REST, WSDL) services. Taverna is used by scientists and
> researchers in domains like bioinformatics, chemistry, musicology,
> biodiversity and virtual physiology to combine and process data from
> multiple sources using a wide variety of analytical tools.
> Taverna workflows can be designed in a graphical workbench,
> programmatically through the Taverna Language API, or using an
> RDF/JSON-based workflow format. They can be executed locally (command
> line, within workbench or through OSGi-based APIs), or on a Taverna
> server (REST/WSDL), which has been integrated by portals and
> frontends, including an Android mobile app. Taverna results include
> full provenance trace of the execution as we strive to support
> reproducible computational research.
> This is an exciting time for us, as we are not just releasing version
> 3 of Taverna, but also working on a Common Workflow Language
> integration (YaML), including support for coordinating Docker-based
> command line tools.
> We rely on a large selection of Apache tools, like Woden, Felix, Jena,
> Derby, Tika, Velocity, Commons, HTTP Client and Maven.

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