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From Tom White <>
Subject Impala commit policy
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 10:01:39 GMT
The vote to accept Impala into the incubator has passed
(, however there are still some concerns about
CTR/RTC. My main takeaways from the CTR/RTC thread are that it's not a
binary choice, and that it's entirely reasonable that different
communities have different commit policies at the ASF.

I think Julian Hyde's suggestion that the Impala podling start with no
explicit commit policy is a good one. Incubation should be used as a
time to work out what works best for a project. The initial Impala
community should discuss the commit policy as they go through the
process of setting up ASF infra and start growing the podling. In
particular this will include how Gerrit can be used as a tool to
facilitate reviews, and how that fits with ASF culture, which is
something that other projects are looking at too.


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