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From toki <>
Subject Re: Apache Metrics, Not Apache Humans
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2015 00:28:21 GMT
On 15/11/2015 18:20, Marko Rodriguez wrote:

> 	1. There is no need to have philosophical arguments (not grounded in measurables) about
what rules a project should follow (bounded by law). 

"Healthy" is intrinsically subjective, and as such, unmeasurable,
leading to even more debates as to whether or not a project is "healthy".

> Apache becomes a breeding ground for different models of open source (bounded by law),
not just "The Apache Way." 

"The Apache Way" was formulated for a reason, and not only because it
more or less works as designed.

Other models of open source have different points of failure, some of
them being the equivalent of sepiku on sight.

> The Apache Way should be about metrics,

The major problem with measuring things, is that the only things that
get done, are those that get measured. This is most clearly seen in the
bankruptcy of ISO-9000 certified organizations, that won awards for
their quality control, and measurement in changes thereof.
(In some fields of endeavour, ISO-9000 certification is the first step
towards an inevitable chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.)

> not about philosophy as different paths lead to the same mountain top

Somebody failed Buddhist Logic 101. (Not all paths lead to the same
mountain top, even if they appear to start at the base of the same

> P.S. The same should hold true for educational degrees. I graduate and now forever I'm
an expert in computers? 

That depends upon whether you went to a vocational/trade school, or an
institutional that gave you a real education. (Hint: if you didn't learn
the YiJing,TRIZ, and at least seven languages, alongside the seven arts,
you didn't have an education.)


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