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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Re: Concerning Sentry: A disagreement over the Apache Way and graduation
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2015 21:55:34 GMT
On 11/02/2015 04:41 PM, Sravya Tirukkovalur wrote:
> I think it is a good sign that community is volunteering to do the release
> work.

I think the point I'm making is largely being ignored. I'm not seeing
much room for volunteers, and a lot of indication that
conversations/decisions are happening off list and being carried back
rather than being done entirely openly.

> Here is the formal release work starting email[1] and discussing details on
> when to branch and when to release giving sufficient time for everyone who
> want to get their favorite jiras in. Dapeng (RM for 1.6.0) also started a
> jira[2] to track the release work in detail:

We might disagree on what constitutes "sufficient time" here - it looks
like one week notice for the 1.6.0 branch, and then one week (planned)
to release from there.

> ". I will say that the only Jira I've seen from outside recently
> didn't exactly get a warm reception. [1] Not rejected, just radio silence."
> That is not true, this is just one off instance. It has only been a week
> since that jira has been created and I am sure one of us will review it
> soon . But there are numerous instances where community was very welcoming
> for new contributors and users[3][4][5]. In fact I feel proud to say that
> community enabled many folks who filed bugs to also contribute bug fix
> patches.

OK, fair. I'll assume that's a one-off then, and apologize for missing
the other examples.


Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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