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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Re: Concerning Sentry: A disagreement over the Apache Way and graduation
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2015 17:52:57 GMT
On 11/02/2015 12:27 PM, Vinod Vavilapalli wrote:
> Many of the active TLPs do tend to center all project discussions on JIRA as opposed
to mailing lists. OTOH, non-code discussions are usually best served on mailing lists.
> Instead of making it a JIRA vs mailing list discussion, how about the podling be advised
about putting a cool-off period for JIRA resolutions - 24-36hrs before they get closed. Again,
this is something a bunch of active TLPs practice in the interest of leaving enough time windows
for everyone (many times around the world in different time-zones) to pitch in.

It's not merely a Jira vs. mailing list discussion - please re-read the
original message. Discussions are happening out of sight, and - in
Arvind's own words - "as if following a roadmap the community does not
have control over... that too is not an issue in my opinion at all."

(Note Arvind is also a mentor for the project.)

This is not just "Jira vs. Mailing list" this is "where are discussions
happening, and can the community outside the existing group effectively
participate?" The answer is clearly *no*. It boggles my mind that anyone
would argue for this as an Apache project, especially a mentor. But
that's why I brought this to the Incubator list - as a sanity check.*

As best I can tell, Sentry development is largely guided outside Apache
infrastructure and that's not acceptable - at least as I understand what
we are trying to achieve.

* A sanity check on this specific issue. I'm not inviting the Incubator
to comment on my sanity in general, I can guess the answer already. ;-)
Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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