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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduate Groovy from the Incubator
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2015 08:11:56 GMT
Le 01/11/15 20:30, Rich Bowen a écrit :
> On Oct 28, 2015 4:26 PM, "Konstantin Boudnik" <> wrote:
>> Following discussions [1] about its current status, the Groovy community
>> has voted [2] to graduate from the Incubator. The vote passed [3] with 12
> +1s
>> total, 5 are binding:
>>     Guillaume Laforge
>>     Cédric Champeau
>>     Paul King
>>     Jochen Theodorou
>>     Pascal Schumacher
>>     Emmanuel Lécharny (binding)
>>     Bertrand Delacretaz (binding)
>>     Andrew Bayer (binding)
>>     Jim Jagielski (binding)
>>     Konstantin Boudnik (binding)
>>     Russel Winder
>>     Guillaume Alleon
>> The Groovy community has:
>> * completed all required paperwork:
>> * completed multiple releases (2.4.4, 2.4.5, 2.4.6 is in the works)
>> * completed the name check procedure:
>> * addressed 50+ JIRAs:
>> * voted in multiple new committers/PPMC members
>> Therefore, I'm calling a VOTE to graduate Groovy with the following Board
>> resolution. The VOTE will run for at least 72 hours, ending
>> Saturday, October 31st 8 PM PST.
> I recognize that I have missed the vote and thus my response is moot. I
> have been traveling, but i don't expect preferential treatment.
> However, as useful as these other measures are, as a member, and as a
> director who will need to vote on this resolution, I'd like to know if you,
> as a mentor, feel that this project had attainded maturity as described in
> the maturity metric document, and will operate according to the Apache way?
Yes, and Bertrand has conducted the check we now run on poddling we
think are ready to become TLP.

As a mentor who have followed a few podlings in the past, I must say
that Groovy was one of the easiest ! OTOH, the project was already
mature before being accepted in incubator. Keep in mind that this move
was dictated by the decision from Pivotal to stop paying the main
developpers, combined with the shutdown of the Codehaus hosting
facility. The Groovy fellows decided that The ASF was the best place to
host the project, and they did a long due diligence to check that the
ASF requirements were easy to follow for them. In many ways, it was all
about finding the right place for the project, and The ASF was a perfect

Every single requirements (IP clearance, voting releases, accepting new
committers, discussion on the ML, etc) where easily met, and the groovy
community was really open minded and ready for any required change in
their way of doing things. Mature ? You bet !

My 2cts

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