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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: ODF Toolkit may need help
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 01:23:18 GMT

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> On Sep 3, 2015, at 5:12 AM, John D. Ament <> wrote:
> Hi Rob,
>> On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 7:56 AM Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 6:25 AM, John D. Ament <>
>> wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I'd like to bring to your attention the ODF Toolkit podling.
>>> This podling has been incubating for over 4 years now.  Last month they
>>> filed a report without mentor sign off, without any feedback on the
>> mailing
>>> list.  They have remained partially active throughout the 4 years, but
>> from
>>> what I can tell suffering a bit in community growth.  I'd like to seek
>>> input from the incubator on how to potentially resolve this and maybe get
>>> help for this podling.
>>> John
>> I am the mentor who did not sign off last month.  You may have noticed
>> that the podling has been filing nearly identical reports for some
>> time now.   I'd sum up accomplishments to date as:
>> 1) We've done a few podling releases.
>> 2) IP review is in good shape
>> 3) Community gets along well, no significant frictions
>> 4) Community has added new committers outside the original PPMC, but
>> has also lost its original corporate-sponsored developers.
>> 5) The code is being used, as seen by incoming traffic on users list
>> and occasional patch submissions
> I have noticed that.  Has the podling been made aware that the report
> shouldn't be a copy and paste, and that stagnating growth is probably not a
> good sign?  It would help to explain why their report wasn't signed off on.
>> These are all good steps towards graduation.  However, the community
>> thinks, and I tend to agree, that the activity level is too low to
>> sustain a TLP.   If we were able to attract another 2 or 3 active
>> developers we would be in great shape.  As mentor I've given advice
>> when asked, and when I thought needed.  But I'm not standing there
>> with a whip and a megaphone telling them what to do.   I don't think
>> that makes a sustainable community.
>> I don't think shuffling the code around within Apache, to another
>> project (or Podling) really solves anything.  The Attic is one option,
>> but my guess is that would end the podling but not the (albeit small)
>> community.  They would probably just set up on github and continue
>> with the same pace of activity, with a lighterweight process, outside
>> of Apache.  So, personally, I don't think the Attic would be the death
>> of the ODF Toolkit.
> The attic should be considered only as a last stitch effort, all other
> attempts at resolving the podling have been tried and failed.

Nothing stops anyone from forking the podling to another location. The incubator would need
to do something with the code. That would be to put it in the attic as an archive, as not
maintained any longer.

This is decision for the community such as it is to make.


>> Regards,
>> -Rob
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