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From toki <>
Subject Re: ODF Toolkit may need help
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 02:54:57 GMT
On 03/09/15 01:51, Ian C wrote:

> I'm not sure on the numbers or the details. It would be a shame to alienate them.

The earliest mention of going to the attic on the ODF-Toolkit Users list
was on 21 January 2014.

On the ODF-Toolkit developer list, the earliest discussion about the
future of the project I can find, started with the message at

Consequently, I doubt that going to attic will alienate anybody.
Some projects don't make it to graduation. (How positive this is,
depends upon both the percentage of projects that go to attic, rather
than graduation, as well as an analysis of all projects that went from
incubation to attic. If more than a third of the projects go to attic,
and are _not_ "me too" projects, then, overall, the Apache Software
Foundation is healthy.  If less than 5% of the projects go to attic, and
are _not_ "me too" projects, then ASF is stagnant, unhealthy, and
failing in its mission.)


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