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From Don Bosco Durai <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Ranger 0.5.0 (incubating)
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:52:47 GMT

Thanks for looking into this. The MPL license was used by pnotify. We
removed it as part of JIRA, but we didn¹t update the
LICENSE.txt file. Is it okay to remove the license text from the file
during our next release or is it a blocker for this release? I have
created JIRA to track it.

We will also address your rest of your concerns during our next release. I
have created the following JIRA to track it



On 6/6/15, 6:35 PM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:

>+0 binding until MPL issue clarified, then I¹ll change my vote to +1.
>But there a few other things that need to be fixed for next release.
>I checked
>- Release does¹t contain incubating in release name.
>- Signatures and hash good (but could be improved)
>- DISCLAIMER exists
>- Year range in NOTICE file is incorrect
>- NOTICE file has minor issues (see below)
>- LICENSE file also have a few minor issues
>- All source file have Apache headers
>- No unexpected binaries in source release
>- Can compile from source
>The LICENSE notes that you using JQuery Pine Notify which is triple
>licensed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. MPL is a category B license and as such
>needs to be handled with care [6]. However I¹m not sure that it is
>actually bundled in the software - can you confirm this. If it is not it
>can be removed from the LICENSE.
>Permissive licenses such as Apache and MIT do not normally get mentioned
>in the NOTICE file [4] as the NOTICE file places a burden on downstream
>projects can these please be removed.
>The following seem to be missing from the LICENSE
>- font awesome (MIT + SIL) see
>* + 
>- backbone forms (MIT)  see
>- select2 (MIT) see
>- bootstrap (MIT) see
>- QUnit (MIT) see 
>- jsDump (BSD -part of QUnit) see
>- Sizzle.js (part of jQuery) see
>Also VisualSearch.js could be placed with the other MIT licenses.
>There is also no need to list Apache licensed software in LICENSE,
>however it¹s not an licensing error, and up to you if you want to leave
>them there.
>For the next release can you please fix the following:
>- Add incubating to the release name [1]
>- Place the release in the correct place [2][3]
>- Put the contents of hashes in a standard format (making it easier to
>- Consider adding apache to release artefact name
>- Correct years in NOTICE file
>- Remove unnecessary information from NOTICE
>- Add missing licenses to LICENSE
>Note that the first two items are marked as MUST in the incubator policy.
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