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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: How to setup a Hipchat room
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 08:40:08 GMT

I have create a room for Geode, which also has this URL for access -
- so now you can be as cool as Infra :)

As David says below, unless we create accounts for folks, they will appear in the guests column
- which has a few limitations; the biggest of which is that they are not permitted to have
private conversations (akin a /PM in IRC).  We can happily create accounts for folks if you
want, but again as David mentioned these are typically only created for folks with an ASF

> On 4 Jun 2015, at 07:53, David Nalley <> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 12:11 AM, Roman Shaposhnik <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> apologies for CCing INFRA, but since I'm using
>> their prior art perhaps somebody over there could
>> share their experience in how they solved it.
>> What I'm trying to do is to setup a Hipchat room
>> for Geode poddling (because, you know, it is 2015
>> and everybody's way too hip for good old IRC).
>> All  I'm getting out of Hipchat is something like this:
>> which is nothing like an awesome chat room that INFRA has:
>> For one -- anybody who wants to use mine has to
>> register with Hipchat and also there seems to be
>> some weird limit on the # of folks who can use it.
>> What am I missing? Is there an ASF-wide Hipchat
>> instance that I need to use instead for setting up
>> Geode's room?
>> Thanks,
>> Roman.
> /me notes that we are mixing public and private lists.
> We have - and infra makes heavy use of that. We
> have the ability to allow guest access for any of our channels, and
> can set that up. However, if you want something other than guest
> access, you need to create an account. (and that's a portion of the
> problem)
> We do not (and won't) operate our own Hipchat service, we are instead
> using Hipchat-as-a-Service from Atlasssian. I'm happy to setup a geode
> room and, if you push a list of accounts that you'd like to have
> access, I am happy to create accounts. Historically we've only created
> accounts for folks who have an account, and it might be a larger
> discussion if you want folks who are not committers to have accounts.
> (though again, guest access might work there)
> --David

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