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From Ted Dunning <>
Subject Re: June report prep
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 22:42:56 GMT

Well, I do have to say that my impressions are based on an accelerated reading of the dev
list, but I really didn't see much attention paid to issues like the preparation of the report,
posting a vote result email to the right place and so on.  More importantly as far as my impression
is concerned I really didn't see much reaction to correction.  What I have seen in other communities
in incubation has been any of several reactions from disputing requirements, shock that they
had missed a step, or some other indication of attachment to what is happening. It is very
hard to quantify or point to but I really got sort of a dissociated feeling from the mailing
list, almost as if the action was happening somewhere else and the mailing list was peripheral.
For that matter, I didn't see design discussions much at all and only saw one external question
which was shut down with a "we don't plan to do this, maybe someday" instead of the more customary
and inviting "we don't do this bit would love to hear your thoughts and possibly an implementation".

On the positive side, release reviews appear to be checking the right things, although not
holding a vote on general@ negates such virtues. 

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On Jun 5, 2015, at 20:23, Patrick Hunt <> wrote:

>> They seem oblivious to process issues
> Are there specific process issues that are missing and should hold up a
> vote? I see alot of process related details on their wiki

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