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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: Question about Apache's voting procedures
Date Wed, 13 May 2015 14:04:17 GMT
Answers inline:

On 13/05/2015 14:24, "Stefan Reich"
<> wrote:

>Hi again!
>I was silent because I am thinking... :) (Also I am making releases of my
>I am trying to understand Apache.

Take a look at - there is a lot of good introductory
material there

>It seems the voting processes are of big importance. I would like to know
>who exactly gets to vote. All members of a mailing list? If yes, it seems
>like an easily manipulatable process...

Anyone who participates in the community is invited to vote, votes are
held on the mailing list so in practise this is the portion of the
community on the mailing list

For some procedural votes e.g. releases which are a legal act of the
foundation for which the PMC takes responsibility then there is the notion
of binding versus non-binding votes

See for more information

How would you expect someone to manipulate this?

>Also, who is officially the copyright owner on the Apache products?
>that is a tremendous power position it seems to me.

The Apache License ( includes
explicit terms for this in Clause 2

Essentially in non-lawyer speak:

- Contributors retain the copyright to their contribution
- Contributors grant a copyright license to all downstream users of their
contributions that permits redistribution, modification, sub licensing etc


>All the best,

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