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From Andreas Beeker <>
Subject IP clearance process for eid applet to poi
Date Mon, 25 May 2015 20:14:59 GMT

I've adapted code of the eid applet [1], which is partly ASL dual-licensed [2], i.e. the parts
I've used.
The code for xml signatures went into POI 3.11-beta3 [3], the latest stable is POI 3.12.
The individual copyright holders of the eid applet gave me their approval [4],
but I'm still missing the approval of FedICT [5], a belgium federal public service  -
it seems nobody of them feels responsible for that code.
The new copyright holder seems to be BVBA [4].

So looking at the IP clearance process [6]:
@ 1.: I've became an ASF member recently, so I'll do
@ 3.: apart of the announcement on [4] what form of approval is further required?
    as the copyright seemed to move to BVBA, would it be sufficient to ask Frank for a SGA
@ 5.: "If the source is referenced by checksum in the grant ...", so if no specific release
is mentioned
   and only certain files contain the ASL, do I need to snapshot anything?
   If yes, as there was no 1:1 adaption of the code, should I simply snapshot the files my
work was based on
   or is it necessary to reproduce which parts went into the poi files?

Thank you and best wishes,

PS: ... yes, the obvious issue is, that incubation is done in a timely different order ...


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