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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Ignite 1.1.0 release (RC5)
Date Wed, 20 May 2015 01:09:11 GMT
On 20.05.2015 00:44, Justin Mclean wrote:
> Hi,
> +0 (binding) from me until these 2 issues are resolved. Of course other IPMC members
may vote differently.
> Several bundled files have GPL license headers e.g. ./ipc/shmem/config.guess, ./ipc/shmem/
etc. While these look like auto generated build files but I'm not sure that they can be included
in a source release.

There's no way around including such files; any normal (i.e., not Java
:) source package that uses configure and libtool needs those files
bundled in the source.

However, I'll have to vote -1: the LICENSE, NOTICE and DEPENDENCIES
files shouldn't be in the package. They appear to be some maven side
effect. Especially LICENSE and NOTICE are confusing because a user has
no way to be sure which file she should be reading.

Other issues:

  * The "official" source for "official convenience" binaries should be
    the source package, not some tag in the repository. The source
    package is what we release; not the repository contents. I'm sure I
    mentioned that before.
  * I agree with Justin about binary package placing and naming; you'll
    recall that I was quite eloquent on that topic a while ago, without
    much effect.
  * There are many, many HTML syntax errors in the javadocs.
  * Once finally run, the node says "New version is available at 1.0.0". Surely that's a bug if I'm
    running 1.1.0?

Finally, I apologize for not bringing these issues up on the PPMC vote
thread; I was sidetracked by other issues the last couple weeks.

-- Brane

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