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From Konstantin Boudnik <>
Subject Re: JavaX
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 02:10:33 GMT
On Sat, May 09, 2015 at 02:28PM, Stefan Reich wrote:
> Hi incubators! :-)
> I'd like to find a home for the "JavaX" project (
> JavaX is a super-extensible version of Java.
> It's probably the easiest way to extend any language existing right now.
> Translators for language extensions are collected in a central repository
> for everyone to use.
> JavaX's current download is 18k (very compact), yet it does all I need it
> to do thanks to the flexible translation architecture that downloads
> language extensions from the repository on the fly.
> (There is certainly stuff to add though, like support for Windows.)
> We also have a little user group in Hamburg (
> If Apache is interested, I'd have the following offer: As far as I am
> concerned, Apache can proceed in any way the like. You can subject the
> language to an organisational process, install stewards, publish the
> language and so on. The stewards don't even have to be or include me. :-)

Do you want to come to the Apache and build a community of like-minded people
to advance the project further? If so - the Incubator is the right place to
start. If you simply want to donate the code: as Ted said Apache won't simply
"take over" :)

> The one thing I require is that I retain the right to do the same thing -
> publish and talk about the language by myself, call my products JavaX and
> so on.

That's totally permitted under the ASL2.0 terms. There're some restrictions on
how the Apache project names could be used, but that's pretty much all. E.g.
you can make a project Bar that include Apache Foo and call it "Apache Foo".
However, you can totally say Bar including (or powered by) Apache Foo.

> So there might be a split, but I wouldn't even find that bad.
> If there is no split and we all collaborate - that is also acceptable. I
> don't know if I want to be an official part of the ASF or so... that is why
> I propose that other way of you actually doing what you want.
> Of course I always like to advise, but as I said, you as a foundation could
> even "grab" the whole language and call it yours. I am a very open person.

Are you working alone on the project? Do you have any other contributors to
the code base? Perhaps it might be a good seed for the new community?

Hope it helps a bit.

> Tell me if and how you'd all like to proceed :-)
> All the best,
> Stefan

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