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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject File podling reports next month rather than late
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2015 02:00:32 GMT
On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 9:29 PM, Ted Dunning <> wrote:
> General section looks grand.
> We have a few projects unreported, DataFu,  ODF Toolkit, OpenAz.
> I know a bit about Datafu which has been very quiet for some time.
> Who knows more about the others?
> Andrei, Konstantin, Suresh are the respective shepherds?  Any thoughts?

We should feel good about the content of the report for this month -- it
meets or exceeds our usual standards.  However, we've had a few process
glitches here at the end.

*   The report was filed with the Board on Tuesday -- one day early.
*   The report was sent to board@apache and committed to the Board's agenda
    in svn, but private@incubator has not received a copy.
*   The version of the report filed with the Board contains changes which
    were not added to the wiki version.
*   I neglected to let Ted know that he should mark the wiki as "FINAL"
    before submitting to the Board.
*   At least one Mentor signoff was added to the wiki after the report was
*   OpenAZ just submitted a report moments ago.

I don't want OpenAZ to feel as though their report is unwanted, so I'm going
to take action to ensure that the Board sees it.  However...

The IPMC should not encourage podlings to file late reports.

First, the Board expects the Incubator to review podling reports, not just
forward them blindly.  When reports are late, Mentors, shepherds, and
community members are not fully able to take part in the review process --
including raising objections about what's in the report if necessary.

Second, we have a shortage of people who are willing to work on coordinating
the Incubator's report.  Adding to our workload with a bunch of last minute
changes is unhelpful.

The alternative is simply to encourage podlings to file a report next month
rather than file late.  Skipping one month is not a big deal.  For TLPs, the
Board has exactly the same preference -- file next month rather than at the
last minute, because last minute filings do not allow sufficient time for

To clean up this month's report, I will take the following actions later
this evening.

1.  Add the changes from the filed version of the report to the wiki.
2.  Review the OpenAZ report to ensure that its format is consistent with
    the rest of the report, add them to the podling summary, double check
    the narrative, etc.
3.  Check for any other Mentor signoffs, etc. added after the report was
4.  Mark the wiki as final.
5.  Commit the modifications to the Board agenda.  Since I'm taking great
    care to make sure things get done right and no Board member has yet
    remarked on the Incubator's report, I trust that the Board and the IPMC
    Chair will tolerate my overstep.
6.  Forward the final version of the report to private@incubator.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed towards another strong report
from the Incubator this month -- I'm confident that we'll meet the same
standards next month but with smoother running.

Marvin Humphrey

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