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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache TinkerPop 3.0.0.M8 Release
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:33:00 GMT

+0 as the LICENSE and NOTICE issues are probably serious. Anyone have a differing opinion?

I checked:
- Signatures and hash good
- LICENSE and NOTICE have same issues
- All source files are Apache headers 
- No unexpected binaries in source release (although there are some in the test directories)
- Didn't compile as it requires a version of Java I didn't have installed.

Several issues (and not all blockers) with the source release:
- Release artefact doesn't contain incubating [1] (3.1)
- Good idea to include "apache" in the release name
- While signatures are ok it best to sign with an email address if at all possible
- Is there any reason the binary distributions have a different name and don't follow the
suggested naming?
- The Apache LICENCE has been modified to state that "Copyright 2012-2013 Aurelius LLC" should
be added to files, that's probably not correct.
- The notice files states "separate copyright notices and license terms" but there are none
included in licence or notice
- The original copyright owner (pre donation) should be added to NOTICE
- MIT licensed bundled codes should be added to LICENSE eg normalize.css v2.1.2

For the binary files:
- Missing DISCLAIMER files
- The LICENSE files have the some copyright issue
- No need to list Apache licensed software in LICENSE (but still useful to know)
- Looks like LICENSE may contain too many MIT and BSD licensed items, it only need to include
those that are bundled in the release [3]. For the console that's just normalize.css and CodeRay
(from a quick look) but I assume there some other stuff inside the bundled jar but still look
like too much to me.
- NOTICE file may have similar issues



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