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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Some questions regarding License/Notice file for a binary distribution ( convenience artifacts )
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 04:10:51 GMT

>   - jetty-6.1.x-jar and jetty-utils-6.1.jar - jetty is Apache License v2 but has some
bits in the Notice file (
) that I would like to understand whether I should call out in either the License and/or Notice

Just take the bits mentioned that are actually bundled into your release artefact and add
those to NOTICE. [1] You can, but there no need, to add to LICENSE. [2] This probably mean
looking inside the jars and seeing what you’re bundlling. I would be concerned about "jboss
integration module”(LGPL) but I assume that is not being bundled.

>   - jersey-client, jersey-core,jersey-* jars - these have a dual license - CDDL and GPLv2
with Classpath Exception. I did not see any wording that stated that the jar could be used
under either license.

Anything that is dual licensed you get to select the license, CDDL is a weak copyleft license
and should be treated as per [3]. IMO you would add this to LICENSE including where to get
the source. NOTICE should be kept as minimal as possible.



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