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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Commons RDF to join the Apache Incubator
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2015 20:31:26 GMT
On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 7:21 AM, Stian Soiland-Reyes <> wrote:

> The natural path to Apache Commons Sandbox has been studied, but we
> think that in this phase of the project, which focuses on the API
> design and actively involves the developers of existing toolkits, it
> is better to have a more focused community and infrastructure. Rather
> than a new Top-Level Project, the goal is still to graduate as part of
> Apache Commons, that is when API has achieve the required maturity and
> the project goes into maintenance mode.

If Commons is OK with this, I imagine this is a fine plan -- good enough for
entering incubation.

I also think it would be OK for the project to decide it wants to become a
TLP.  Whether the project joins Commons or becomes its own TLP won't impact
the number of people qualified to work on it.  Some Apache TLPs are
effectively in maintenance mode and have very low activity, but still have PMC
members willing to answer user questions, make security releases and file
"still here" quarterly reports.  That seems like a legitimate aspiration for
this project.

A potential Jena destination also seems as though it would have certain
advantages, though my naive speculation is that it might be sub-optimal in
terms of providing neutral territory for negotiating a common API for Jena and

In any case it seems likely that if the project achieves its design goal,
there will be people willing to work on it as long as both Jena and Sesame
remain viable.  That makes it different from other potential "maintenance
mode" TLPs which are in danger of stagnation because they cannot renew their

Is that take roughly accurate, Sergio et al?

> === Mailing lists ===
>  * commons-rdf-dev
>  * commons-rdf-commits

Those sound like final mailing lists rather than Incubator ones.  I might have
expected these instead:

Do you expect to keep separate mailing lists after graduation, or will traffic
be shunted onto existing Commons mailing list like and

>  * Sergio Fernández (wikier dot apache dot org)
>  * Andy Seaborne (andy dot apache dot org)
>  * Peter Ansell (ansell dot apache dot org)
>  * Stian Soiland-Reyes (stain at apache dot org)
>  * Reto Gmür (reto at apache dot org)

Lots of Apache experience in this group.  Four are PMC members of at least one
Apache project.  Andy and Reto are ASF Members.  Andy and Sergio are both IPMC
members.  Stian is a core contributor of the Taverna podling.

You probably haven't been getting much feedback because there's a lot going on
in the Incubator right now and everybody figures that with a group like that
you're in good shape. :)

=== Champion ===

 * TBD

The Champion's main work is to help formulate the proposal.  That work is
essentially done -- so it doesn't matter too much who takes that role, now.
Are Andy and Reto opting out out as a gesture of openness to Sesame?

> === Nominated Mentors ===
>  * Benedikt Ritter (britter at apache dot org)
>  * TBD

Benedikt is a member of the Commons PMC, but he's not a member of the IPMC nor
an Apache Member -- so although Commons input is important, unfortunately it's
not a valid nomination.

I'd nudge newly elected IPMC member Rob Vesse, but maybe the roster is already

Marvin Humphrey

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