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From Ryan Blue <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Parquet Format 2.3.0 RC2
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2015 01:02:32 GMT
On 02/16/2015 11:16 AM, Ted Dunning wrote:
> I have downloaded this release and verified the signature and md5
> checksum.  The SHA checksum is a binary file and it isn't obvious to me how
> to check it.  How was it produced?
> I have verified that the LICENSE and NOTICE files are present and seem
> well-formed.  I have verified that the DISCLAIMER is present and
> well-formed.
> I was unable to compile the code, apparently due to a thrift version
> mismatch of some kind.  The README does not specify pre-requisites to
> compilation, but simply states that [mvn package] should suffice.  It did
> not suffice for me.  Here is the error message:
> [ERROR] thrift failed output:
>> [ERROR] thrift failed error: !!! Unrecognized option: -out
>> Usage: thrift [options] file
> Painful as it is to say this, I am -1 on this release unless somebody can
> explain some simple process to resolve my issues.  Those issues are:
> 1) What format is used for the SHA checksum?  How is it expected that I
> should check it?
> 2) What are the true pre-requisites for compilation?
> I would be willing to upgrade my vote on this release if the checksum is
> corrected and the README is updated for future releases (and I am told how
> to compile things now).  Since the only change that I am requesting to this
> release is the checksum file, it should be possible to move forward without
> cutting a new release file.

As Julien noted, you need to have thrift 0.7.0 installed. You also need 
protoc 2.5.0 installed for protobuf. I'll add more information in the 
README for this.

In the mean time, if you take a look at the .travis.yml file, you can 
see the preparation steps used to run CI jobs. That's what I usually 
point people at instead of maintaining it in two places, but I agree 
that shouldn't be the solution.

Thanks for taking a look at this!


Ryan Blue
Software Engineer
Cloudera, Inc.

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