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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Next steps for various proposals (mentor re-boot, pTLP, etc.)
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 23:15:49 GMT

On Jan 21, 2015, at 2:03 PM, Marvin Humphrey wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 2:43 PM, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
>> Perhaps there are one or two good ideas in the proposals, but change does
>> not need to be as jarring.
> I hope that the Incubator can make the best of those opportunities.
>> For example the IPMC ought to confirm with
>> mentors if they are still being a mentor to a particular podling. There can
>> be many reasons why not and we just need to ask. It could be that the
>> podling never achieved a visible development community.
> It's possible to automate pinging Mentors who didn't sign off on podling
> reports.  A Python script could parse the last Incubator report (plus others
> going back N months if we want richer historical info), then send one email
> per podling to the podling's private list, CC'd to private@incubator.  The
> script could be run by the Report Manager or the Chair each month after the
> report is filed.
>> Statements like shepherds dilute mentor responsibility are false. A shepherd
>> provides a mechanism for the IPMC to review the Podling/Mentor relationship.
>> This is something the IPMC needs to do when voting to graduate a podling. We
>> should be ALL be doing shepherding work.
> I can see what Alan's getting at, though.  Unless the podling is in trouble,
> the podling contributors ought to be writing the report.  The people who are
> then best placed to give informed feedback on that report are the podling's
> Mentors.  But instead, the people who provide commentary on the state of the
> podling community tend to be the shepherds, whose understanding is necessarily
> more superficial.  Doesn't that seem strange?

Yes and that may be a call for more informed *action* by the IPMC. Like connecting with the
mentors and podling to find out where the community is  if anywhere. There may be no there


> Marvin Humphrey
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