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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: What is "The Apache Way"?
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 19:03:58 GMT
As mention in a previous thread, all the particulars of what
encompasses the Apache Way was learned from years of experience,
based on learning what works and what doesn't, usually after
some painful semi-disasters. They don't exist because we love
process nor are they something a bunch of old-timers pulled out
of our arses.

Without going into a history lesson, look at what bootstrapped
the ASF (well, we were the Apache Group then): an "open source"
project, which many of us depended on, was dropped, and so
the effort was picked up again by us to ensure that such a
thing would never again happen to us, or anyone else. We
wanted to ensure that no matter who came or went within
that community, the project and the community survived. This
was the start of our focus on community and rewarding individual
merit. We wanted new blood to always feel welcome. And
since most of us were doing this as volunteers, we wanted
to make it easier for us, and others, who were doing this in
our spare time, and as a combined work of passion and

So what is it that volunteers lack? An over-abundance of
free time to work on the code. So as volunteer cycles ebb and
flow, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to
help when then can and return when they can, hence the idea
that merit doesn't expire. Hence the idea that all development
must be done on mailing lists (so decisions are archived and
asynchronous). Hence the need for voting and consensus and
that vetoes can be cast at any time, and must be honored. Hence
the "several days" before significant changes are made, Hence
etc etc etc. And finally, we wanted it to be fun, and where
we could enjoy hacking and stuff and be protected from legal

So all those questions you ask are related to the Apache Way,
but only in so far as how they help, or hinder, how the project
abides by, and *fosters* that sense. And, of course, there are
legal and IP provenance issues as well which must be abided
by, which also factor into such things as where-they-code-is
and what-is-a-release and where-are-releases-done,...

Another way to look at the Apache Way is as a musical composition.
Sure, it was written for a specific arrangement, but sometimes
it's played as a jazz piece, other-times as a classical, or maybe
with a blues flavor. But it is always (or *should be*) recognizable.
If you *don't* recognize it, then you've taken the "interpretation"
too far, if you get my meaning.

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