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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Reflections from the outgoing Chair
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2015 01:32:45 GMT
I'd like to raise a topic directly related to the succession. To
start, three cheers for Roman for all his hard work!

For all other projects in the Foundation, we say, 'The chair is just a
clerk who facilitates communications with the board.' Here at the
IPMC, we expect the chair to be moderator of a very fractious set of
arguments about how to incubate (or whether to even have an
incubator). A leader, even.

This strikes me as odd.

It is my impression that no one is very happy with the current state
of the incubation process. On the other hand, I'm sure, from extensive
personal experience, that the IPMC's size is a serious impediment to
addressing its issues. It's just very, very, hard to reach consensus
at this scale.

So, is there an alternative to attempting to find a hero to pull the
sword from the stone? My proposal is to form a select committee. This
committee would accept the job of creating a comprehensive proposal
for where to go with integration. It would, of course, deliberate in
public, but the members of the committee would be the only
'committers' on the proposal. The committee would not be required to
find a consensus of the entire IPMC, let alone all of members@. The
committee would make interim reports to the board so that the proposal
could be tuned, incrementally, to be one that the board could accept.

This would allow the next IPMC chair to be sign up only to be the sort
of modest bureaucrat that we usually talk about.

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