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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Git write access for podlings
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2015 16:52:20 GMT
On 02/01/15 16:40, David Nalley wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 5:36 AM, Stian Soiland-Reyes <> wrote:
>> Git allows you to commit as "whoever you want" - e.g. like in SMTP
>> email, the headers are decided by the sender. SVN on the other hand
>> will show the authenticated user in the commit log. So - speaking as a
>> former sysadmin - it sounds a bit daring to let anyone new to Apache
>> from a fresh Incubator proposal to also get instant write access to
>> all Incubator projects, including those that are just about to
>> graduate.
>  From a git commit log perspective, this is true, but we also retain
> push records that show us the user authenticated as, as well as the IP
> Address they are pushing commits from. In example:

I looked at Jena's log and until Dec 2 this year, the IP address was always


and since 2014-12-03 there are likely looking true IP addresses but of 
the NAT gateway used.


>> That said - assuming there has not been any reported abuse of this
>> global write access - then it is a very good sign of all the new
>> committers being responsible people - or perhaps they just didn't know
>> they had that write access to begin with :). It's a trust-thing - I
>> remember when I started my first proper sysadmin job, and on day one
>> received the root passwords for systems running web and email for
>> 30.000 students. "Don't mess it up" was implicit.
>> Apache Commons has already given write access to *all* ASF committers
>> [1] - which would presumably include any incubator committers.  If
>> it's good enough for for Commons, it should be good enough for
>> Incubator. Part of moving to Apache is also to trust all your
>> committers.
>> [1]
>> Even with the danger of introducing a bigger temptation by explicitly
>> documenting the incubator-wide write policy - I would still +1 to
>> document this so you are aware and don't accidentally push back (as
>> git workflow is to commit locally and it is a bit easy to accidentally
>> do "git push") - with a clause that this does not mean you have
>> formally become a committer on the other incubator projects.
>> I would propose to also improve documentation at
>> so it does not give impression you have to use SVN-with-git-mriroring
>> or that writeable GIT is "experimental". I don't know enough about the
>> particular setup at yet to do it myself.
> <sigh> I thought we had removed all of the experimental labels.
> Thanks for finding these.
> --David
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