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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduation of Apache DeviceMap from the incubator
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2014 12:14:43 GMT

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 12:18 PM, Sean Owen <> wrote:
> ...glancing at the SVN
> log, there are in fact 3 active committers in the last few months. So
> I think this minimally passes the incubator guideline...

Yes, agreed.

>... The trend is worrying though and I share the sentiment that, well, is
> there a real hurry if this is just minimally sufficient to graduate?..

DeviceMap has been in the incubator for almost 3 years now, its
community is minimal but functional, it has made several releases and
rebuilt its small community after losing many of the initial

So the mentors feel that there's no benefit in leaving it in the
Incubator. Best case, the community grows, worst case it becomes too
small and moves to The same might happen if it stays
in the Incubator, with no benefit AFAICS.


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