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From Ryan Blue <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Parquet Format (incubating) 2.2.0 RC2
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2014 22:35:39 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'd like to propose a vote to release parquet-format-2.2.0-rc2 as the 
official Parquet Format 2.2.0 release.

This release candidate has passed a podling vote, which can be found here:

The release candidate, signature, and checksums are available at:

The branch used to create the release candidate is:;hb=release-2.2.0-rc2

KEYS to validate the signature are available at:

Please download, verify, and test.

[ ] +1: Release this tag as parquet-format-2.2.0
[ ] +0:
[ ] -1: This release is not ready because . . .

== More details ==

This will be the first release from the Parquet project. We are 
releasing parquet-format first because the other projects (parquet-mr 
and parquet-cpp) depend on it.

This release uses the pre-Apache maven coordinate 
com.twitter:parquet-format and parquet.* package names. To make the 
transition to org.apache naming as smooth as possible for downstream 
projects, we are planning to release a com.twitter artifact immediately 
followed by an org.apache artifact. These artifacts will be identical 
except for naming changes:

* com.twitter:parquet-format => org.apache.parquet:parquet-format
* package parquet.* => package org.apache.parquet.*

There are three major changes included in this release:
* PARQUET-119: Add encoding stats to ColumnMetaData
* PARQUET-79: Streaming thrift API
* PARQUET-12: New logical types


Ryan Blue

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