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From Hendrik Dev <>
Subject Re: Podling name change - Optiq becomes Calcite
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2014 20:29:01 GMT
Hi Julian,

we just renamed fleece to johnzon so maybe i can help:

- Check for the new name:
- We voted on the dev list for the new name
- Open a issue like this one to get approval from @trademark
(You don't need to wait for the approval to go further but if you dont
get them you maybe have to rename again later)
- Open INFRA jira ticket to rename the repo, mailinglist, ... like
- Rename the incubator files and content (podlings.xml, etc)

Hope this helps

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 9:42 PM, Julian Hyde <> wrote:
> We have discovered that we are unlikely to be able to trademark "Apache
> Optiq", so we intend to change the name of the project to "Apache Calcite".
> The PPMC likes the name, and a trademark search reveals no competing uses
> of the name.
> What are the next steps? Can someone who has been through the same process
> please share their check-list? (I know I will need to log lots of INFRA
> requests but it would help to know what these should be -- e.g. should I
> ask to rename the lists, two svn repositories, 3 git repos, wiki, web
> sites, old releases, jira project etc etc etc or create new ones and
> obsolete the old ones?)
> Release momentum is one of the good things we have going, so we will make a
> release under the new name, which will be apache-calcite-0.9.1-incubating,
> in the next few days. We will not have time to re-organize the code into
> new package names.
> I plan to launch the project under its new name, Apache Calcite, when I
> speak at Strata NY on 16th October.
> Julian

Hendrik Saly (salyh, hendrikdev22)
PGP: 0x22D7F6EC

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