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From Stian Soiland-Reyes <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Taverna workflow
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2014 23:51:04 GMT
Thanks, Andy, and all who responded and volunteered (yay!).

I'm sure Shoaib will respond, but as I have been the main "maven and build
guy" on the project I guess I should also chip in. I'll try to find time to
respond properly to the excellent questions next week, in between my baby
duties. Some heads up for now, hyperlink-less as I am on mobile:

Two things came up in several of the responses:

(L)GPL dependencies. We know we have some, and we have a Dependencies wiki
page that is linked to from the proposal, but more work is needed with
Maven licensing plugin  to double check we have not also got something
coming in from transitive dependencies.

Due to the occasional use of OSGi repackaging, the licensing seems to have
been lost in some of the modules, requiring manual citation (e.g. googling
;). I agree that the definitive list should be in the proposal and it would
be something we will work on producing.

The infrastructure we need is listed in the proposal, it is bog standard
confluence, hits, Jenkins and maven repository (obviously we would hope for
importants for the first two). I have a script for making all the Jenkins
jobs based on listing of github repositories, it could be modified to do
the same for the repos once on Apache git server.

I admit that the scale might be a bit different for our project, but part
of moving to the incubator would be to also restructure/merge the
repositories (and hence Jenkins jobs) as I have mentioned.

(We know the big structure is also scaring potential developers away - part
reason for the size of the existing structure is the homebrew Maven-based
plugin system we used before moving to OSGi)

It would probably make sense to do this merge restructure outside Apache
before transitionin the code base, as on Github it is just a click away to
make another repo.

Perhaps making an alternative github group taverna-incubator as the
"staging" area - would it be possible to do this as part of the early
incubation period? It is a process that could do with community effort for
discussion, testing and also in a way give a better feel for what the
different modules are and do, so perhaps a nice way to get the ball rolling.

(Why would it take 2-3 days to clone 70 repos anyway..? The make script we
have in the taverna-build repo checks out all of them in 3-4 minutes, even
dynamically picking up any new repos).
 On 26 Sep 2014 16:18, "Andy Seaborne" <> wrote:

> On 25/09/14 19:19, Suresh Marru wrote:
>> If you need a mentor, count me in.
>> I actively contribute to Apache Airavata, and will be happy to bring our
>> experiences from a similar journey. Infact Ross queried on airavata lists
>> few years ago about potential taverna move to airavata/apache(Ross
>> mentioned it further in this thread), good to see finally its happening.
>> Integrating plugin community into the apache project (once its voted in)
>> seems to be a low hanging fruit to diversify.
> On 25/09/14 17:36, Suresh Srinivas wrote:
> >   If you you need a volunteer, I am available.
> Hi there,
> It being Friday, and Stian is about to be away, I've added you both to the
> mentors list.  Taverna has a long history so getting as much experience
> from mentors will be very valuable.
>         Thanks
>         Andy
> PS I put Michael in as "Not formally a mentor"
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