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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Ignite into the Apache Incubator
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2014 01:51:52 GMT
+1 (non-binding)

I think the technology has a lot to gain from moving to Apache. 

Initial committer list shows some diversity beyond GridGain, but as a podling they would likely
want to work on further diversification.


> On Sep 27, 2014, at 8:58 PM, Konstantin Boudnik <> wrote:
> I would like to call a vote for accepting "Apache Ignite" for Apache Incubator.
> The full proposal is available below. We ask the IPMC to sponsor it, with cos
> as Champion, and stack, rvs, cos, hsaputra and brane volunteering to be Mentors.
> Please cast your vote:
> [ ] +1, bring Iginite into Incubator
> [ ] +0, I don't care either way,
> [ ] -1, do not bring Iginite into Incubator, because...
> This vote will be open for 72 hours and only votes from the Incubator
> PMC are binding.
> Proposal text from the wiki:
> ## page was renamed from SilkProposal
> = Ignite Apache Incubator Proposal =
> == Abstract ==
> Apache Ignite will be a unified In-Memory Data Fabric providing
> high-performance, distributed in-memory data management software layer between
> various data sources and user applications.
> == Proposal ==
> Apache Ignite is written mostly in Java and Scala with small amount of C++ code
> and will initially combine the following technologies under one unified
> umbrella:
> * In-Memory Data Grid
> * In-Memory Compute Grid
> * In-Memory Streaming Processing
> This unified in-memory fabric will provide high-performance, distributed
> in-memory software layer that sits in between various data sources and user
> applica tions. Data sources can include SQL RDBMS, NoSQL, or HDFS. Applications
> APIs will be available for Java (and Java-based scripting languages), Scala,
> C++ and .NET (C#).
> GridGain Systems, Inc. submits this proposal to donate its Apache 2.0-licensed
> open source project generally known as “GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform”,
> its source code, documentation, and websites to the Apache Software Foundation
> (“ASF”) with the goal of extending the vibrant open source community around
> this technology ultimately governed by “Apache Way”. Proposed Naming
> We have been advised by the ASF mentors that the name “Ignite” may not be ideal
> because the name may be too generic and may not pass ASF legal check. Here are
> the alternatives that we have come up with and any of those will be acceptable
> for the project pending the ASF legal green light:
> * Apache Silk (preferable name)
> * Apache Sylk
> * Apache Memstor
> * Apache Ignite
> == Background & Rationale ==
> In-Memory Data Fabric is a natural and evolutionary consolidation of various
> “in-memory technologies” from the last decade. From simple local caching
> (JSR-107), to distributed caching, to data grids and databases, to streaming
> and plug-n-play acceleration - the in-memory space has grown quite
> dramatically.
> With rapid advances in NVRAM and significant price reduction of traditional
> DRAM on one hand, and growing sophistication and demand for faster data
> processing on another - many users of these silo-ed technologies and products
> started to look for a “strategic approach” to in-memory - an in-memory data
> fabric - that would provide suitable APIs for different types of payloads: from
> data caching, to data grids, to in-memory SQL data stores, to HPC, to streaming
> processing.
> With expensive and proprietary in-memory computing products from companies like
> Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and IBM -  the developers worldwide need an unhindered
> access to advanced open source in-memory software technology, the technology
> they can trust to develop with and deploy for critical applications. Current
> Status
> Apache Ignite will be based on the technology that is currently developed by
> GridGain Systems and available under Apache 2.0 license
> ( The software has been in development since 2007 and
> in production since 2009. It is currently used by over 500 production
> deployments with over 1,000,000 downloads to date, and with over 20,000,000
> GridGain nodes started in the last 5 years.
> == Comparative analysis to relevant projects ==
> === Ignite vs. Spark ===
> Apache Spark is a data-analytic and ML centric system that ingest data from
> HDFS or another distributed file system and performs in-memory processing of
> this data. Ignite is an In-Memory Data Fabric that is data source agnostic and
> provides both Hadoop-like computation engine (MapReduce) as well as many other
> computing paradigms like MPP, MPI, Streaming processing. Ignite also includes
> first-class level support for cluster management and operations, cluster-aware
> messaging and zero-deployment technologies. Ignite also provides support for
> full ACID transactions spanning memory and optional data sources.
> Ignite is a broader in-memory system that is less focused on Hadoop. Apache
> Spark is more inclined towards analytics and ML, and focused on MR-specific
> payloads.
> === Ignite vs. Storm, Samza ===
> Apache Storm is streaming processing framework. Apache Samza is a distributed
> stream processing engine. Ignite is a multi-purpose In-Memory Data Fabric that
> also includes streaming processing capabilities (and we can argue better
> capabilities when it comes to streaming and CEP). 
> Generally, Apache Storm and Apache Samza provide a very different
> implementation for one of the functional areas of Ignite.
> === Ignite vs. Hadoop ===
> Apache Hadoop is a batch oriented data warehouse system. Ignite is a real-time,
> transactional In-Memory Data Fabric focused on real-time processing of
> operational data. In most cases, Hadoop acts as one of the “slower” datasources
> on top of which Ignite is typically deployed. 
> == Initial Goals ==
> The number one goal during ASF incubation will coalesce around building a true
> active and vibrant community governed by the “Apache Way”. The initial
> development goals for Ignite primarily revolve around migrating the existing
> code base, documentation, and refactoring of the existing internal build, test
> & release processes. We believe these initial goals are sufficiently difficult
> to be considered early milestones.
> Some of the specific initial goals include:
> * Migrate the existing Ignite code base to the ASF.
> * Refactor development, testing, build and release processes to work in ASF.
> * Attract developer and user interest in the new Apache Ignite project.
> * Road map the integration efforts with “sister” projects in ASF eco-system like
Storm and Spark.
> * Incorporate externally developed features into the core Apache Ignite project.
> == Known Risks ==
> This proposal is not without its risks, some of which are outlined below.
> The current list of committers are primarily from GridGain Systems. One of the
> key purposes of proposing Ignite for incubation is to attract new committers
> and spur the adoption of Ignite. The ASF has a well-deserved reputation of
> fostering and building open source communities, which makes it the ideal
> location to attempt this community bootstrap.
> Most of the initial committers are supported by their employers to work on
> Ignite, and may be assigned to work on other priorities. However, the employers
> of these salaried individuals - GridGain Systems or current customers and users
> - have a vested interest in seeing Ignite thrive as a long-term, growing
> project.
> GridGain Systems understands that their employees are acting as individuals
> when contributing to Apache projects. As a major initial contributor GridGain
> Systems is prepared to bring additional staff on board to assist with Ignite
> development to ensure its active growth.
> One of the key motivators in creating the Ignite project as part of the
> Incubator is to leverage the vendor-neutral nature of the ASF. The ASF has a
> strong and recognized brand as being a leader in open source, and by hosting
> Ignite at the ASF, we hope to attract developers to build a viable community
> for the project.
> == Meritocracy ==
> Apache Ignite plans to adopt the policy that encourages an environment that
> supports a meritocracy. We intend to actively ask the community  for help,
> listing/specifying the work that needs to be done, and  keeping track of and
> encouraging members of the community who make any contributions. Community &
> Core Developers
> GridGain project has been actively building community of users in the last
> couple of years with an active StackOverflow group, support groups, and Meetups
> ( This group includes
> active members of Apache community as well. We strongly believe that this
> community will grow and develop substantially as part of Apache family and
> that’s our commitment.
> == Existing Documentation ==
> Current documentation for GridGain project can be found here:
> We intend to migrate it into ASF
> podling.
> == Initial Source ==
> Initial Apache 2.0 licensed source code can be found here:
> == External Dependencies ==
> Here’s the list of 3rd party JAR-only dependencies:
> * Apache Hadoop
> * Apache Commons
> * H2
> * JTS
> * Apache Lucene
> * Spring
> Here’s the list of the all licenses for 3rd party libraries currently used:
> * Apache 2.0
> == Required Resources ==
> === Mailing lists ===
> * (with moderated subscriptions)
> *
> *
> === Git & JIRA ===
> * Git:
> * JIRA: JIRA Ignite (IGNITE)
> == Initial Committers & Affiliation ==
> * Dmitriy Setrakyan (GridGain Systems, dsetrakyan at gridgain dot com)
> * Yakov Zhdanov (GridGain Systems, yzhdanov at gridgain dot com)
> * Alexey Goncharuk (GridGain Systems, agoncharuk at gridgain dot com)
> * Sergey Vladykin (GridGain Systems, svladykin at gridgain dot com)
> * Valentin Kulichenko (GridGain Systems, vkulichenko at gridgain dot com)
> * Semen Boikov (GridGain Systems, sboikov at gridgain dot com)
> * Vladimir Ozerov (GridGain Systems, vozerov at gridgain dot com)
> * Nikita Ivanov (GridGain Systems, nivanov30 at gmail dot com)
> * Sergey Khisamov (FitechSource, skh at gmail dot com)
> * Ilya Sterin (ChronoTrack, isterin at gmail dot com)
> * Ryan Rawson (WANdisco, rawson at apache dot org)
> * Konstantin Boudnik (WANdisco, cos at apache dot org)
> * Roman Shaposhnik (Pivotal, rvs at apache dot org)
> * Branko Cibej (WANdisco, brane at apache dot org)
> == Sponsors ==
> === Apache Champion ===
> * Konstantin Boudnik (cos at apache dot org)
> === Nominated Mentors ===
> * Michael Stack (stack at apache dot org)
> * Roman Shaposhnik (rvs at apache dot org)
> * Konstantin Boudnik (cos at apache dot org)
> * Henry Saputra (hsaputra at apache dot org)
> * Branko Cibej (brane at apache dot org)
> == Sponsoring Entity ==
> * Apache Incubator PMC

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