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From Ate Douma <>
Subject Re: September report
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2014 23:46:24 GMT
On 08-09-14 06:57, Roman Shaposhnik wrote:
> Hi!
> it looks like September report is almost done,
> except the following podlings:
>    * Streams
>        [ ](streams) Matt Franklin
>        [ ](streams) Ate Douma
>        [ ](streams) Craig McClanahan

> If there's any chance the above mentors can
> facilitate the report and later sign-off on
> it would be really appreciated.

Hi Roman,

I'm sorry about the missing Streams report.

The problem here is that the current committers, while pretty much active on 
Streams itself, still have trouble getting it into their skull and planning to 
draft up a report themselves, so that we (mentors) can sign it off...
Previous reports so far had to be drafted up by the mentors to get it done in 
time, despite repeated nudges.

The last time we warned the committers we would do this no more: part of 
learning the ropes and working towards graduation is that they also learn to 
take up this responsibility themselves.
Regrettably, they again failed to pick this up and clearly I'm annoyed and 
disappointed :(

Hopefully though this blunder and the fact they should 'fix' this already for 
the report next month will finally make them realize this is not something they 
can keep overlooking.

To be clear, IMO the Streams committers are actually making good progress with 
the project itself, so from that perspective I do not think the IPMC has much to 
be worried about. They just need some spanking to get their act together with 
respect for the Foundation :)

So hopefully this direct feedback will be enough 'spanking' ;) and we'll see a 
proper report delivered and signed off the next month.

Kind regards,

> Thanks,
> Roman.
> P.S. The biggest help with the summary is
> tracking releases -- so if somebody can help
> with at least that -- it'll be perfect!
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