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From "John D. Ament" <>
Subject Shepherding Summary - June 2014
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 00:43:44 GMT
Hi all

See below for the shepherd reports.  I've put some additional comments in.

Drill/Konstantin Boudnik

Shepherd/Mentor notes:

  In the month of June the project's dev@ list was light on the traffc
- 86 msgs vs 1183 in May. Traffic consists mostly from the JIRA
notifications and review requests. I am not entirely sure what is the
cause of the lowest activity since the end of 2012.

  June report to the board hasn't been sent on time either.

Flink/Konstantin Boudnik

Shepherd/Mentor notes:

  Mailing list in June is very light on the traffic and only covering
the topic of the project's name change. Some of the mentors are active
on the list and helping community. No visible issues.


Thanks for both of these reports! Just to point out, the June report
covers 1/May - 31/May.  We’re only 8 days into June… 86 msgs isn’t bad
for 8 days in :-)  I'm not sure if you want to rephrase based on this,
I made the same mistake last month w/ the board report.

Kalumet/Justin Mclean

Shepherd/Mentor notes:

  Podling may be in a little trouble. Failed to report this month, mailing

  list traffic and commits at a very low level. A mentor is still active

  but looks likes like the last release candidate (October 2013) wasn't

  voted on by the IPMC and a new release candidate hasn't been created.

  Last report talked about graduation so perhaps they just need some help

  in getting past the final hurdle?


Thanks for bringing this up.  Since they’re moving to monthly, we’ll
monitor and see if things improve in the next couple of months.

Storm/John D. Ament

Storm is showing a lot of progress and growth.  They have a lot of
activity on JIRA and mailing lists, and are generally in good shape.

Please be advised that the following podlings have not reported yet,
and will be moved to monthly:






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