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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Sirona 0.2-incubating
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 02:37:50 GMT

>> The font files in resources/fonts. Any idea where they come from or how they are
licensed? If they are ALv2 or similar then there is no issue.
> coming from boostrap which is MIT

Looking at the font metadata I don't see a MIT license only a URL [1] and a copyright - "Copyright
© 2013 by Jan Kovarik. All rights reserved". Checking the URL it look like the halflings
regular font isn't normally free or redistributable.

However it is packaged with bootstrap. [2] Note that you it does ask for a link back to the
glyphicons URL. It doesn't say anything about redistribution rights which may or may not be
an issue - probably not. Anyone with actually legal knowledge have an opinion?

> I don't get the point to duplicate my key again here :-)
Just to make it easier for peopel with limited time to test - but as I said it is not required.

> so are you using: mvn clean install (or something else?)
"mvn clean compile" actually and today it seems to be working. "mvn clean install" hangs on
a test for me. It might be good to add this info to the README. Not a blocker to release but
other users may run into similar issues.


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