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From sebb <>
Subject Graduation resolution does not allow for committers != PMC
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 09:59:16 GMT
There have been a couple of graduations recently where (I think) the
podling expected to be able to specify the initial list of committers
as different from the PMC. In at least one case the podling did not
realise that the names on the board resolution comprise the initial

I think there are two issues here:
- clarify that the board resolution names really are the whole PMC and
nothing but the PMC (!)
The resolution template itself likely cannot be changed, but there
must be descriptions of the process somewhere that can be improved.

- consider whether it is necessary to allow creation of a TLP with
additional initial committers not on the PMC.
If so, what is the process?
If not, probably a good idea to ensure it is clearly stated how the
PMC can add the additional committers once the TLP resources have been
created by Infra.


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