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From sebb <>
Subject Retired podlings - should SVN trees be moved under a RETIRED subtree?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 09:39:48 GMT
I made a start adding RETIRED markers to retired podlings, but stalled
because updates are needed to the svn mailer configuration and then

However it now occurs to me that it might be easier to navigate the
incubator svn tree if the retired podling svn trees were moved under
incubator/RETIRED instead.


incubator/alois=> incubator/RETIRED/alois

This would have some advantages:
- the top-level incubator/ tree would only show current podlings (and
lazy graduates!).
- it would be obvious which SVN trees were retired without needing to
open the sub-tree
- it might make it simpler to set up the correct svn mailer/auth permissions

The main disadvantage that I can see is that the SVN URL in the status
file would be incorrect. This could of course be corrected.


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