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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject []DISCUSS] Release Apache VXQuery Incubating 0.3 (RC2)
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2014 23:32:24 GMT

I just took a look at the release candidate, there's a few very minor issues but everything
else looks good.

Checksum and PGP good

NOTICE OK - but does has 2013 in it
LICENSE also OK mentions ODC-BY 1.0. This is not listed at [1] as a compatible license but
it looks to be a permissive style license.
Missing README and RELEASE_NOTES, while I expect these to be here they are not required [2].
IMO It would be useful to included instructions on how to build the project.

License headers OK

Source release does contain a binary file, but as it a compressed XML file that's probably
OK. Does this need to be compressed as the source package is compressed?
File is ./vxquery-core/src/test/resources/documents/dblp.xml.gz. Un-compresing the file I
find that it has no license header, perhaps the original ODC-BY 1.0 header has been removed?
As CDC-BY 1.0 is mentioned in LICENSE I think this is OK by Apache but may not be OK by CDC-BY
license terms? Anyone confirm?

Can compile from source successfully (mvn compile).
Tests (mvn test) pass.

If someone with more licensing experience than me can confirm that ODC-BY 1.0 and dblp.xml.gz
is correctly licensed then I'd vote +1.


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