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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Stratosphere
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 16:01:18 GMT
The brand issue is an important one to be aware of, but we shouldn't let 
that block progress on evaluating the proposal or working with the 
potential new community to see how they'd fit with The Apache Way.

A couple of other notes:

- Finding *factual* references to similar software product names is a 
good thing to do up front, so we can be aware of any potential conflicts 
for the future.  However it's not as useful to try to analyze what the 
potential issues are on a public list.

- The ASF is happy to host any like-minded project communities who are 
willing to follow the core rules that we require of Apache branded 
projects.  Part of that hosting is offering the stable APACHE house 
brand for the project community, as well as assistance in securing and 
maintaining their project identity.

That said, we also have to recognize that where there are third parties 
with pre-existing uses of similar software product names, we can't 
necessarily offer the same level of defense for such a project name.

Depending on the case, we may decide that a podling community is willing 
to accept the risk of future conflicts, and that's fine - as long as in 
those cases we recognize that we may be forced to change a project name 
in the future *if* the issue ever comes up.

The trick with trademarks are that in virtually all cases, "it depends". 
The details matter - both on the legal details of some potential 
conflict of names, *as well as* the actual behavior of the parties 
involved.  That is: just because there is an apparent conflict of names 
does not always mean that the two parties can't reach an agreement to 
each continue while recognizing each other's brands.

That being said, given the wide use of "stratos" as a name associated 
with various cloud stuff these days, that I do recommend the proposal 
submitters have a serious discussion about considering a new name.

- Shane (not subscribed, reading on archives)

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