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From Neng Geng Huang <>
Subject a new proposal Busilet
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2013 13:17:07 GMT
Hello community,

Please find below a proposal draft wish to submit to the ASF. The proposal
is only a draft and persons interesting to this project are welcome to

I am new here and also need help for the proposal and the further

A brief introduction of IDTP, UTID, and Busilet could be found in, and

Thanks in advance

Best regards,


================ Busilet Proposal ===============

Busilet is a reference implementation of IDTP (Identifier Tracing Protocol)
and UTID (Universally Traceable Identifier), a new communication protocol
and an identification system, which were submitted to IETF as two
Internet-Drafts (, The IDTP is an
application-level protocol for distributed and collaborative information
systems, potentially used in wide areas of computation, such as the
Internet of Things, cloud computing, pervasive computing, distributed
database, and remote procedure call.

I propose to move future development of Busilet to the Apache Software
Foundation in order to build a broader user and developer community.
Busilet had been under developing by me only and published as open software
in I hope that with the help of
developers all around the world, the system could become more powerful and
functional in wide areas of computation.

Busilet was originated from a project called Things Mail (tmail) System in
a small innovative company nearly three years ago. The tmail system require
full interoperation among operating system platforms, organizations
(express companies and delivery stations), physical things (mails and smart
mail boxes), and persons (senders, delivery men, and receivers). UTIDs were
designed to identify these various objects and IDTP is used as a
communication protocol to exchange message among them.
After the project finished, I recognized that the development prospects of
the UTID and IDTP so that continued to conduct further researches on them
during the last two years. I wrote specifications of UTID and IDTP while I
was developing Busilet to proof the feasibility and practicality of the
specifications. I had submitted the specifications to IETF as two Internet
Drafts. I realized that it is impossible for me alone to fulfill the task.
Therefore, I do hope more persons are involved in the task making
contributes to the computation world.

As the reference implementation of UTID and IDTP in Java language, Busilet
Project is developed for following reasons:
**To demonstrate the feasibility and practicality of the two
Internet-Drafts of UTID and IDTP.
**To find errors in the two Internet-Drafts and improve them.
**To provide a new communication protocol for public used in the Internet
of Things, cloud computing, pervasive computing, distributed database, and
remote procedure call.

===Recent Goals
The initial goals for Apache Busilet are:
**Improve the existing Busilet project by refactoring the codes.
**Implements all features defined in the two Internet-Drafts.
**Extends two features: session and encryption, which are already
implemented in the Busilet Project at present.
**Release a stable version of code.
**Rewrite development documents and user manuals.

===Current Status
Several versions of code of Busilet Project could be accessed in:
The latest version of Busilet Project is fully compatible with the two
Internet-Drafts. The early versions of Busilet Project have been
successfully applied in four real production projects.

The project is completely new and there is no person involved in it at

Busilet will try to foster a diverse community that is open to everyone. It
is released under a Apache License 2.0 to encourage the maximum possible
adoption by all potential users and developers. The Busilet community
encourages suggestions and contributions from any potential user and

===Core Developers
The project is completely new and I am the only developer. I would like to
have more competent developers joining this project and have the project
leaded by an excellent leader.

The initial Busilet makes use of Jackson component and other components
such as org.json component. It is possible to use a better json component
to replace these components in the future.

===Known Risks
===Orphaned Products
There is a small risk of being orphaned. We will try to avoid it happens
from the beginning.

===Inexperience with Open Source
The Busilet has been treated as an open source project since its beginning.
While our experience with public open source is limited, we do not
anticipate difficulty in operating under Apache's development process.

===Homogeneous Developers

===Reliance on Salaried Developers

===Relationships with Other Apache Projects
This project has no know connections or alignment with existing ASF

===An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand

There are two Internet-Drafts submitted to IETF:
There is not currently documentation about Busilet on the web, but Busilet
is a Java project so that a full API document is provided in the project.

===Initial Source
Busilet has been in development since spring 2011. Once the code base has
been vetted for compliance to ASF license standards, it will be donated to
the ASG using the CCLA process.

===Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan
To be determined

===External Dependencies
Jackjon (Apache or LGPL), junit (CPL).


===Required Resources

===Mailing Lists
- busilet-dev:
- busilet-commits:
- busilet-user:
- busilet-private:

===Subversion Directory
- SVN repository :

===Issue Tracking

===Other Resources
===Initial Committers
To be determined

To be determined


To be determined

===Nominated Mentors
To be determined

===Sponsoring Entity
To be determined


Mr. Huang Neng Geng
Associate Professor
School of the Internet of Things
Wuxi Institute of Technology
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, 214121
Mobile: 86-13921501950

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