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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject [VOTE] Enable Release Checklist Experiment
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 20:59:09 GMT

As the next step in our ongoing efforts to reform the release voting process,
I propose that we run an experiment allowing the PPMC members of select
podlings to earn binding votes under limited circumstances by completing a
release checklist.

For participating podlings, the Incubator's release management guide...

... would be supplanted by the following documents:

The scope of this VOTE is limited to approving the following patch to our
policy page:

Here is the patch content minus markup:

    2013 Alternate Release Voting Process

    Select podlings pre-cleared by a majority vote of the IPMC MAY
participate in
    an alternate release voting process:

    Should a Podling decide it wishes to perform a release, the Podling SHALL
    hold a vote on the Podling's dev list and create a permanently archived
    Release Manifest as described in the Experimental Release Guide.  At least
    three +1 votes from PPMC members are required (see the Apache Voting
    Process page).  If the majority of PPMC votes is positive, then the Podling
    SHALL send a summary of that vote to the Incubator's general list and
    formally request the Incubator PMC approve such a release.

    Formal approval requires three binding +1 votes and more positive than
    negative votes.  Votes cast by members of the Incubator PMC are always
    binding.  For all releases after the first, votes cast by members
of the PPMC
    are binding if a Mentor approves the Release Manifest.

Please note that the proposed change is both incremental and reversible:

*   It is incremental because podlings must be opted in by vote of the IPMC to
*   It is reversible because once the experiment has run its course the
    policy change can be reverted with zero impact through lazy consensus.

Those who may have questions about the legitimacy of allowing binding votes
from non-IPMC members should see this post from Roy Fielding:

Please vote:

[ ] +1 Yes, apply the patch enabling the experiment.
[ ] -1 No, do not apply the patch enabling the experiment.

This majority VOTE will run for 7 days and will close at 13:00 PST on Friday,
December 20, 2013.  Votes cast by members of the Incubator PMC are binding.

Here is my own +1.

Marvin Humphrey

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