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From Greg Trasuk <>
Subject Re: Question about jar files in svn.
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 16:49:27 GMT

Thanks everyone for the input.  To summarize, it appears that the consensus argument is:

- Jar files are not prohibited by policy in project repositories (svn), although they may
not make a lot of sense.
- Source distributions must not distribute executable code in binary form.  i.e. Don’t ship
dependency jars in the source archive.  However it may be acceptable to include things like
jar files that are processed during testing (sample archives, for instance).
- The project repositories are not generally considered “distributions”, but we need to
be a little careful to avoid users’ confusion on this point.

And just to be clear, I take this as valuable input from from the experts at Incubator, not
a ruling.  Obviously, the River PMC makes decisions for River, and Incubator bears no responsibility
for anything we might get wrong.


Greg Trasuk
PMC Chair, Apache River.

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